While today the Anderson Meat Company offers all natural beef and all natural lamb products our foundation was built on the buffalo meat product line.

About The Anderson Meat Company

History:  Our Anderson family comes with a long history of raising quality beef cattle that goes back almost 100 years with over four generations of ranchers.  Until about a decade ago our family has been very traditional ranchers where the product was raised and sold at the sales ring.  Over a decade ago we started raising buffalo and at the same time started having some of our buffalo processed and packaged for friends and family. That little side business grew to the point where we formed a separate company called the Anderson Meat Company.

Today: The Anderson Meat Company now distributes All Natural Meat products that include All Natural Buffalo, All Natural Beef, Pasture Raised and Free Range Chicken.  The All Natural Meat Products come from a select choice of ranches including our own that raise the product without hormones, fillers, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients.

Boulder Natural Meats & BeeBee Farms: Three years ago we started raising poultry in Colorado and today we are now the largest poultry producers in the state of Colorado.  In addition to raising poultry we also built our own USDA processing facility for both harvesting animals and retail packaging.  We also acquired Boulder Natural Meats two years ago as part or our family owned business.  Because of this you can now buy our products in a large number of retail locations - Visit www.bouldernaturalmeats.com for more details.

Locations: Currently the Anderson Meat Company primarily distributes product in Colorado with our distribution model. However we also ship all over the country. For more questions on this please email or call us.

Mission: The Anderson Meat Company will deliver Quality, Cost Competitive, and Customer Driven all Natural Meat products with service to a well educated consumer community through unique distribution systems so that individuals and families may live better quality lives through healthy eating.

Keep it Simple: One of the philosophies that the Anderson Meat Company has is “Keep It Simple”  -  By doing this we are able to keep our overhead cost low and in turn we are able to pass those savings onto you the consumer along with improving the quality of our product.

                                                              ~ Chad Anderson

Contact Information:         

Phone:  Office ~ 303-291-0102

        Lou ~ Direct Line—303-476-8677      

E-mail: sales@bouldernaturalmeats.com

        Lou Direct Email—  lyj.colorad@gamil.com