About  Our Beef

· Ground Beef………..…$5.00 lb

· Beef Value Packs……. $8.00 lb

· Beef Value Packs are a combination of Ground, Roast, and Steaks.  Call for details



Due to changes in our business model we are currently only offering a limited number of Beef options.

For details on how and where you can get this product see the Schedule and Pick Up section.

This is a sample of the cuts and packaging

The All Natural Beef Products come from a select choice of cattle ranches including our own that raise the product without hormones, fillers, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients.  Each of the cuts listed below get packaged with a vacuum sealed process that ensure quality and preserves taste.

Text Box: Price: $7.00 lb to $8.00 lb

~ Why Lean Beef ~

Studies have shown that by just switching from store bought choice meat to lean beef the average individual will reduce the amount of calorie intake by up to 17,000 Calories a year.

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