· Beef Value Pack ***……………$8 lb

· 100 or more lbs

· 55lb Ground

· 20-25lb of Roast

· Chuck Roast

· Sirloin Roast

· 20-25lb of Steaks

· Sirloin

· New York

· Ribeye

· Chicken Breast—$4 lb

· Buy 10 or more lbs of chicken breast for $4 lb

· Ground Chicken —$2 lb

· Buy 10 or more lbs of chicken breast for $2 lb

* Note:  Please call or email 2 weeks in advance of your pickup date to place order.




*** Note: The cost per lb is figured on the hanging weight  for beef -  See left for details.

Text Box: The most economical way to purchase your All Natural Meat products is in bulk.  Please review this section for details to see if this works for your family.  
Because we own, operate, and raise many of our own animals we are able to offer you a premium quality product and very aggressive prices.  In addition to owning and operating our farms and ranches we also do all of our own processing and packaging in our USDA plant.
When purchasing product this way it is best if you have lots of freezer space, your family eats a lot of meat, and you are OK with eating a large variety of cuts.

This is a sample of our cuts and packaging

About Our Meats

The All Natural Buffalo, Beef, and Lamb Products come from a select choice of producers that raise the product without hormones, fillers, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients.  The cuts offered in these packages get packaged with a vacuum sealed process that ensure quality and preserves taste.

Text Box: Price: $3.85 lb to $9.00 lb

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Phone:  Office ~ 303-291-0102

        Lou ~ Direct Line—303-476-8677      

E-mail: sales@bouldernaturalmeats.com

        Lou Direct Email—  lyj.colorad@gamil.com