Due to changes in our business model we are currently not offering specialty cuts.

Text Box: These specialty products are made with our all natural buffalo meat and we have received very positive feedback over the years.  This product list is evolving every year.  Please ask during pickup time if we have any new specialty items that we are testing  -  The latest example of this is our pepper jerky.  We received such positive feedback about the pepper jerky that we made this a main stream product for you.
About Our Specialty Products
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The Anderson Meat Company offers a number of specialty products that are made with our All Natural Buffalo Products.† This includes such items as sausage, breakfast links, salami, and brats.

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Contact Information:††††††† †

Phone:† Office ~ 303-291-0102

††††††† Lou ~ Direct Lineó303-476-8677†††† †

E-mail: sales@bouldernaturalmeats.com

††††††† Lou Direct Emailó† lyj.colorad@gamil.com



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