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The Value Pack promotional items include an excellent mix of All Natural Buffalo or Beef meat products.  Every Value Pack will be a little different with the mix of products.

About Our Value Packs

This is a sample of our cuts and packaging

The Anderson Meat Company also offers promotional items that offer quality products at a value based price structure.  Currently we are offering a Value Pack that includes a sampling of many different cuts.

Text Box: Price: $8 lb

Beef Value Pack

           *100 Plus lb……..$8 lb

Sample Beef Value Pack:

55% Ground

20—25% Roast

           - Chuck

           - Sirloin

20-25% Steaks

           -  Sirloin Steak

           -  Ribeye Steak

           -  New York Strip Steak

** Price is based on Actual Weight

~ How Much Do I Save ~


On Average you will save over 10% when purchasing a value pack over individual cuts.

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Phone:  Office ~ 303-291-0102

        Lou ~ Direct Line—303-476-8677      


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